Thursday, April 7, 2011

Second generation wolf

A post on tollipop's blog about cousins got me thinking.
When I was a kid, we always went to grandmother's farm for summer and Christmas vacations. I adored my sweet, patient, kind grandmother, not to mention her tins of chocolate sheet cake and cookies that always waited under the bench in the hallway. But even more, I loved hanging out with my cousins.
Looking back, I'm amazed our parents seemed so relaxed as we roamed around our grandmother's farm like a pack of unruly wolves, getting into trouble every other minute, making so much noise I think we scared off every owl and fox between the mountains. Før morellsesongen
But man, we were happy. Those sled rides, those games in the attic and orchard and fields and woods! We kissed cats, we chased cows, we splashed in the icy stream. SommerungenslørThat's the kind of parent I would like to be. One that facilitates roaming and noise and adventure. I want wolf cubs.
Ulv (joda)
Magnus has had a rough winter, but at least there's this: When I ask him if can howl like a wolf, he always answers: "Aooooooooooo!" It's a start.


Catherine Denton said...

What amazing memories! I agree, my parents let us explore the woods and I'll admit I wouldn't be at ease doing the same with my kids. Guess I need to remember the wolf days. ;)

How weird, the verification word is "cathme" My husband calls me "Cath", ha!
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ingridjulia said...

Så fine bilder, du er flink! Også skriver du så fint. Jeg har også mange minner fra den plassen. Klem fra Ingrid Julia

tone almhjell said...

Hei Ingrid Julia! Så koselig at du er her! Men det er ikke mine bilder. Line sine. Hun er kjempeflink!

Li:ne said...

Oh, I need to go there. Now.

bronwyn said...

That was the sort of childhood I dreamed of growing up in the suburbs. There were patches of wild - the blackberry bushes on the gravel road behind my apartment building, the overgrown garden in the back of the neighboring apartment building. But I couldn't leave the block and I could only cross the street if I told my mother first. Streams and cows and owls - beautiful. What wonderful memories you must have.

Bec said...

Breath taking photos. Really spectacular to look at. Not only do they have appeal but there is a story behind them.

Love :)

myrtle said...
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myrtle said...

Cool! great photos. .love your blog.=0