Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I bet November is on sale

Fjellet vårt i kontrastbad
Aaaand then it was Magnus's turn. Poor sweetheart.

I think I'd like to return this particular January. It really has been no good. (Well, except for the stellar agent news, but technically that happened over Christmas, so I'm not crediting January with that. Oh, and except for the trip to Kristiansund. That was nice.) I'm thinking I could get a November. I've always been partial to Novembers. And since everyone else seems to hate them, I bet they're cheap.

Bottom of the woods

If I'm lucky, I might stumble upon a forgotten August. I adore August, when the nights finally deepen, and the bugs grow wise, and the cafés fill up with new beginnings.


But really, I'd take March. Or even a different January. Just not this one.

(photos by Lin, who by the way has been sick for ten days, too.)


camilla said...
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camilla said...

clever! and beautiful, and oh so true, sadly.
I think I'll be one of those in line to return this January too, it has been nothing but illness and sickness and sleeplessness (and wetness). must have been a bad batch. I hope the manufacturers have something better up their sleeve for next year's edition.

(sorry my previous comment, identical to this was deleted by accident! my brain hurts!)

bronwyn said...

I'm partial to November as well. It seems January is a bust for many in blogland. There is no sadder sight than a sick baby.

Li:ne said...

I second! January is no good. Noooo good.

Inger Merete said...

<3 November (navy).

And May (lime green) and August (scarlet).

Heidi said...

I like Novembers, too. This January has been horrid. We'll see what February brings. And then, of course March comes along, and my thirty-ninth birthday with it. UGH.

Is it summer yet? Oh, wait. We got 19 inches of snow yesterday (48 centimeters if you're playing along in metric), so I guess that's a no.

Hoping we all perk up a bit this winter.

I must also state, again, for the record, that Line's photography is just stunning. STUNNING. She is insanely talented (and hopefully on the mend!).