Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our best obnoxious Travolta movie impression

Magnus: Mum, what are we doing?
Me: Shhh. We're pretending it's Christmas. Just smile and look for Santa Claus.
Magnus: Who?
Me: You know, with the beard and the presents.
Magnus: But that's Tante Line out there with a camera. She doesn't have a beard. Or presents. Unless the camera is for me?
Me: Um, no. But since it's pretend Christmas, I'm sure she'll kiss you under the mistletoe afterwards.
Magnus: Yay! I like Christmas. I like Tante Line. In fact, Line is the only word I can say these days, when I'm not on your blog, pretend-talking like a baby in a bad Travolta movie.
Me: But you could try some other words! Can you say Mamma? Mamma?
Magnus: ....
Me: (sighing) Line?
Magnus: Line.
Me: Right.
Magnus: Can I have presents, then? And a beard?
Me: Sure you can. Later. Now let's have some mercy on our readers and shut up.
Magnus: And smile. And look for Santa Claus.
Me: Definitely look for Santa Claus.


Li:ne said...

Haha, it took me a while to realize that your Travolta-impression was from Look Who's Talking and not Saturday Night Fever. Then it all made sense.

And I must add that Magnus was priceless when we took these pictures. He just could not understand why I was out there. Or why he couldn't come. And the reflections in the window made me invisible to him half of the time, so his facial expression kept changing from confused to crazyhappylaughing and back again.

Inger Merete said...

I was trying to figure out what this had to do with Pulp Fiction. Then it dawned on me. I bet the two of you could do a mean twist, though.