Sunday, December 5, 2010

Balthasar and me

Tonebalt 1
Me: Oh come on, Balthus, just one hug?
Balthasar: Nah. You stink.
Me: I do not! You're the smelly one, Mr. Fishybreath!
Balthasar: That's because I've got human face grease in my fur.
Me: That's... Wow, we really are disgusting, aren't we. Sorry.
Balthasar: I'll forgive you if you give me fish treats. And not two this time. A pile.
Me: But I gave you some twenty minutes ago! You can't have treats all the time, you know.
Balthasar: Why not? YOU have treats all the time. At least my treats are healthy.
Me: I do not have treats ALL the time...
Balthasar: No?
Me: ... Aw, man...

(at which point I give in and rustle up a pile of fish treats.)


Li:ne said...

I love that little fish treat junkie. He can haz my face grease any day (and does).

Heidi said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I would totally read a blog that was nothing but conversations with Balthasar.
I love them THAT MUCH.