Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stars Hollow snow

Someone is sprinkling fake snow over Grünerløkka. At least, that's what it looks like. Silver flakes, so light that even the faint eddies of air that you stir up by walking cause them to whirl upwards. When they land in your hair, they stay there like jewelry, without flattening your hair or soaking your coat. On the street they resemble tasteful confetti (now there's a contradiction in terms). If I saw snow like that on tv, I'd smirk and say that those people obviously had no idea what real snow is like.

All right. Next, I want to go to Luke's and have cherry danish.


Li:ne said...

I loved that snow. Like seethrough sequins on the asphalt.

But I didn't get as excited as Lorelei does, I must admit.
Spring now, please.

But I'll join in for some danish while I wait.

camilla said...

Line made the perfect comment - as usual. duh.
I am just gonna say the same.

having nothing original to say serves me right for being AWOL for so long.

Li:ne said...

But we still love you!

tone almhjell said...

We sure do.