Thursday, February 11, 2010

I heart Monzano

My brother's band, Monzano, has a new album out. I love it. The music, a crooked, messy haired Norwegian cousin of Death Cab for Cutie, is beautiful in a way that reminds me of restless car rides in pale summer evenings, and the lyrics are so clever.

My favourite is The Buildings, then the Trees, but I also like The Mannequin Wakes and the first single, Cold Waters.

I know some of you are music lovers (hello, Jim!), so listen here, (and check out the list of influences). If listening liking moves, buy it here (the whole album from Monday). The cover art is really nice, too, though, so you might want to get the tangible version here.

I'm exceptionally proud of you, Eiv. And the sky won't let you down, you can freely float around.


eiv said...


Jim Di Bartolo said...

Ooh! Me likey :) I've got a subscription (i.e.- monthly membership fee) to eMusic and it looks like they'll be carrying the album once it comes out! I listened to the samples and really like them! Consider me a new fan. Congrats to them and thanks for thinking of me Tone! :)

Oh, and Laini and I just commented that it'd be nice if we could meet you guys for coffee this afternoon. Sound good? (if only... ;)

Li:ne said...

I'm joining. My new calling is being a baby personal trainer and I have some moves for Clementine.