Saturday, November 28, 2009

Three months along

Magnus is good at:

1. Squealing! Loudly. Very.
2. Laughing.
3. Grabbing plushies from his chest and shoving them in his mouth.
4. Saying gooooooo.
5. Mysteriously waking up four minutes after falling asleep at night. He then proceeds to drive his parents crazy until they cave and let him come back into the living room. Resourceful.

Update: And at three months and three days, it's becoming increasingly obvious that Magnus is good at eating, too. 7.1 kilos. Wow. I'll have the underarms of Popeye pretty soon.


camilla said...

hee hee hee...
what a cutie!
I love that babies say gooooooo.
Isak has now started saying mmmmmpah all the time. that is cool too.

Catherine Denton said...

It sounds like he's as smart as he is adorable. Thanks for the sweet reminder of a three-month-old. ;)

Li:ne said...

I like that he's an eater. I can't wait to auntie-spoil him with chocolate.

When will he be ready for chocolate milk, do you think?