Thursday, November 12, 2009

Magnus Robot Fighter

Remember how pulpy sci-fi stories sometimes end with the wail 'Nooooooo! I slept too long!'?

Magnus got this too cool little onesie from Laini and Jim long before he was born, in honour of his name. Or actually, what they hoped would be Magnus' name, since Jim loves the comic book Magnus Robot Fighter. Which is why the onesie has a robot on the chest. Which is one of the many little things that made us choose Magnus in the end.

The label says 3-6 months, and now that Magnus is 11 weeks old, I thought I'd fetch it out of the closet. And it turns out that Noooo! I waited too long! It just barely fits!

Guess I forgot that Magnus also means big. He is now 6480 grams and 64 centimeters and ready to take on every evil robot in Oslo.


Catherine Denton said...

That is such a bummer! I had a precious stripy dress my first daughter wore only once because I waited too long. I was so sad. I'd been waiting to put it on her since my eighth month of pregnancy.

Fortunately I had another girl and she wore it out! lol

BTW, he is ADORABLE! I have to borrow my friend's babies now because mine are too big to hold.

eiv said...

ww--www--wwww--wwwwobot fightah

camilla said...
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camilla said...

oh noes!
I have done this with quite a few select items of awesome clothes too, Tone!
it blows!
but all the while Magnus is getting bigger by the minute, he is also getting cuter!!

happy baby high five!

Heidi said...

I didn't know Oslo had an evil robot problem. Hm! Well, it's a good thing Magnus is on the scene. Maybe when he's a little older you can send him to Tokyo to work on their MechaGodzilla problem.

Anonymous said...

I thought of you and Magnus the other day when waaay in the distance I saw this guy pushing a stroller. But what the heck was going on IN that stroller? All the way down the street, and as he got closer, I saw two baby legs (and feet) sticking out from a blanket, doing a kind of whirlwind motion. T'was pretty cute, they both seemed happy, dad and whirlwind-kid.