Sunday, August 23, 2009

Number four: birthday

Okay, so it wasn't the ideal birthday, since my Pan came home in the middle of it with a horrible throat infection that had us scared he wouldn't be able to be there if Ville decided to join the party.

But it was still my birthday, and I got pretty presents delivered by pretty siblings wearing pink dresses or cats, and I had marzipan gateau and red currants with custard, and I was able to use my belly as a personalized tea table.

Four days on: still no Ville, Pan's throat infection on the defense, and me still impersonating Jabba the Hut. Ho ho ho, Chewbacca.

And by the way, my sister had a crush on not Luke Skywalker, nor Han Solo, but Chewbacca when she was little. Because he resembled a teddy bear. I just thought you should know.

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Heidi said...

Line crushed on Chewy? Wow. I was a Han Solo girl, all the way. I never did go for facial hair. Or entire body hair, for that matter.

You don't look like Jabba at all. You look beautiful! I can't believe Ville isn't here yet, but I know he will be soon!