Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We'll be right back...

...after a short pregnancy. Here with Uncle Steel for scale.

Boy, that thing is getting heavy to lug around. And so are all those extra pounds that attacked me when I wasn't looking. Really, it's all I can do to keep writing these days (Hurry! Must hurry!), and the blog just has to come in second.

Meanwhile, why don't you look at the pretty cats? Here's a photo of Mirja, the littlest, prettiest kitten who is growing up to be the prettiest, prettiest cat. Thanks to Ida, her new maid.

Here's Pims, who is just about ready to hurl herself off the balcony with jealousy. Pesky, pesky, nasty Balthus who hogs all the attention!

And here's the culprit himself, who knows exactly where to be when the Tonelady is lazing in bed, too tired to get up.


Heidi said...

I think you look downright foxy in that top photo. And lovely in the bottom one, even if a certain someone is TOTALLY hogging the spotlight.

camilla said...

pretty pregnant lady.
or: pretty, pregnant lady.