Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009, and more kitten/cat bliss

A little heavy on the cat stuff these days, but it can't be helped. They're just so cute, especially Pims, who veers from happy to tired to happy and tired and has almost no time to waste on us stupid humans.

All the babies are doing fine, one has opened his eyes, one has developed a whiskey squeak, one is still the littlest, but is growing stronger every day. The first signs of markings have started to appear, and there is one that is still all white, little Isvan. I can't wait to get to know them, and to find out which one is our new family member.

Here's a pic of my Pan helping Pims with the feeding, in the middle of the night while still in his New Year's attire. How's that for a modern man!

And then over to the real reason for this post: Happy new year, everybody!

I have a good feeling about 2009. I think it will be like that rare, wonderful fantasy novel that justifies all the muck you've been reading lately. If we're lucky, it'll feature a new hero or heroine, some mended wounds, a monumental task finally finished, and adventures, always more adventures.

But let's start with seven cats in a small apartment. Not the worst of beginnings.


Laini Taylor said...

Oh so cute!!! I want to cuddle the kitties :-)

I love your predictions for 2009, and the mention of a great fantasy novel reminds me that I can finally read The Name of the Wind, now that I am done with my *required reading*! And you must read the Monster Blood Tattoo books some time this year. There are two so far: Foundling and Lamplighter, and they are such fabulous inventions. I know you will love them.

Happy New Year!

Heidi said...


Anonymous said...

A beginning is a very delicate time. Know that it is the year 2009. The known Universe is ruled by the Bergensian empress Aurora the first, my daughter. :P

Why have you turned off your cellphone??? HMM???


Li:ne said...

Well, they do look like marzipan marshmallows... (the kittens, not Kjeldemann and his daughter) (I think).

Heidi said...

A. Kjeld is a dork
B. I wouldn't really eat the kittens, unless they really were marzipan (yum!)
C. Kjeld is still a dork and owes me an e-mail
D. I just want to nibble on their little fuzzy ears and little fuzzy bellies. Just a weeeee nibble.

tone almhjell said...

They do nibble on eachother's ears, so I don't see why not, Heidi :)

And my cell has not been turned off, Mr. Doesn't even know my number.

Birgithe og Kjeld 02.05.09 said...

1) I am a dork? A fish? Dork fish, Western Australian name for the Australasian snapper fish (Chrysophrys auratus). Why, my personal hygiene isn´t that bad, I mean, fish???

2)I do have a delicate and yummy exterior, so perhaps you could say that i look like marzipan- in a metaphorical way at least

3) why would you eat kittens? I mean, does the word hairball mean anything to you??

4)If I´m really a fish, I cannot write emails. The computer would be ruined in water.

5)Nibble? NIBBLE??

6)I DO know your number. On a personal level even. I call it (several times a day) Lovely Nutty.

I rest my suitcase.

Maximus Dorkus

Heidi said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Kjeld logic should be a whole new field of critical theory.

Aurora said...

What, you didn´t know Heidi? My logic is studied worldwide, and scientist are all in awe of my witty, twatty, hairy, semiconcious goofball theories of the world....