Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mrs. Zarka of Wichtiburg

Actually, this isn't Mrs. Zarka, because she is very much alive and wears a top hat. But she is an owl, and she designs and builds technomagical machines, which are often covered in gold or silver plate, and so I think this mechanical owl suits her.

Sometimes, when I haven't written in a while, new scenes and characters come knocking late at night, or rather, they come pounding on the door just before I go to sleep. And if I open the door, just a little, the most astonishing stuff comes pouring in from the nocturnal chill.

I'm not sure where this owl came from, although Line helped me name her after the pretty owl in Three Nuts for Cinderella. But it turns out she has been a student of a certain doctor Heidelsneck at the University of Wichtiburg, and that they have revolutionized magic in the Inners, all of which is completely new to me.

The University especially caught me by surprise. And the disciplines they teach there! There is history, and natural sciences and anthropology, but they are rather to be excpected. Mirror astrology, technomagic and reality weave however, now, those would be fun..


Li:ne said...

I would never get into that university. All those crushed dreams...

I think I would major in reality weave, it sounds like my kind of thing.

tone said...

What? You would absolutely get in. You're not the protagonist for nothing, young lady! Granted, all the other students would be teddyfolk or petlings, but you wouldn't mind that, would you?

Li:ne said...

No, I wouldn't mind. But I would feel self-conscious about my pasty, exposed human skin.