Monday, March 31, 2008

Wind in the rushes, none in the willows

The weather decided to stop being such a sourpuss, putting on a quiet, mild face instead, so Line and I went for a late afternoon walk today.

We crossed the river, which sounds like a monumental task, but really only meant walking over a tiny footbridge next to the willows and ducks. We climbed Telthusbakken (something like Tent Warehouse Hill) which really is a disappointing name for such a pretty little neighbourhood, with candy coloured wooden houses nestled snugly together. Then we walked around in the cemetery around Aker Church, where we discovered a stolen cash register and read the headstones.

I like reading epitaphs. They're like tiny glimpses of someone I could have known, if things were different. This is what they chose to say about one woman:

"Like a breath of wind in the rushes".

See, I don't remember her name, but I remember how she must have felt.


Li:ne said...

The headstone with glass in it said 'Love you forever'. I think it must have been sad.

tone almhjell said...

Yes. He was thirty, I think.

camilla said...

I like reading the head stones too.
I remember being pregnant with Ada, Johne and I used to walk around in the cemetary just behind our house, hoping we would discover some little treasure of a name forgotten by all... Sadly most the names unfamiliar to us sounded more like insults or mock-up names; Kårfrid, Bærsvein and Kjærand or something.
We'll have to check out another cemetary next time I'm pregnant...