Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Drive car fast

Mags is putting together his first little sentences.

Mommy, what sayed you?/Mamma, hva sidde du?
Mommy, what you do?/Mamma, hva gjøre du?
Don't want to./Vil ikke.
That sure was good./Var godt, ja.
Drive car./Kjøre bil.
Drive car fast./Kjøre bil fort.


Mormor said...

Godgutten, så flink! Kjempefint bilde også!

bronwyn said...

Oh I love this time! You spend their whole lives wondering what is going on in their heads and now they begin to have the ability to tell you. And each new sentence is more amzing than the next. And the phrasing is so cute. "That sure was good" kills me. Abby's first complicated sentence was "Dada, Abby's ice cream...NOW!"