Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grünerløkka: home of superheroes

Oh, jenny I
Grünerløkka sidewalks in February are the hip joint equivalent of a perfect storm: Ice polished to a dull gleam, uneven like a rumpled sheet, treacherous like a Lannister, covered by a mealy layer of grey, dry snow with the occasional patch of half-sunken gravel thrown in for interest. It's miracle we even make it to the store.

But we do. In fact, so far this year, I have not seen a single person fall. My theory is we've developed the ability to hover. Our legs may flail all over the place like a riverdance prodigy drunk on Dr.Pepper, but our upper bodies just float on serenely until the legs are back in service. Flying cars and Superman are just a few kroner and some spandex away.

Now, if we could just add teleport to our tricks, that would be great.
I know where I would go... Do you?


Catherine Denton said...

Mind reading would be kinda cool too, as long as you could turn it off when you wanted.

I would teleport to Shakespeare and Company in Paris.

Li:ne said...

Oh, you have indeed seen someone fall. Me! Remember, outside of Liebling a couple of Sundays ago?

You told me it looked like a slow motion disaster. It wasn't really that spectacular, but I did scrape my shin.

Other than that I think my hover abilites are just fine. After all I have lived in this country all my life.

As for the teleporting I would definitely go to Sonoma with you. We'd have coffee at the Sunflower, take pictures in the vinyards, wear sandals and make grand plans over sushi when evening falls.

tone almhjell said...

Agh, I forgot my sister's fall! I'm sorry! Yes, it did look like a slo-mo disaster. Now let me kiss that shin better. Then sushi at dusk.
Or you could come here and have tea this afternoon? <3

Heidi said...

I would teleport to Grunerlokka to join you for one of those bathtub-sized coffees. But I'd bring my ice skates, just in case.


bronwyn said...

It's all I can do to remain on my feet when it rains. To do this on ice? Most impressive. I would teleport to anywhere that has snow. We were supposed to have our first in 35 years today. But alas, all I see is sunshine and dry streets. I suppose it's for the best since I don't have your superpowers.

Laini Taylor said...

What an amazing description, Tone! You are such an awesome writer :-) And gee, you should work for the Norwegian tourist board, ha ha! Lure the tourists in for some good winter injuries!