Saturday, August 28, 2010

That was fast... and very slow

One year ago today: Yawn

And now, incredibly:

Well, my funny little son. You won't remember this time, but let me tell you a little about yourself, for future reference:

You can say mamma and pappa and hi and no and go. You can't walk yet, but you know how to low-five and how to gobble like a turkey (useful!). You like to dance. You love to play air drums (and sometimes eardrums). You could fit an extra tooth between your brand new front teeth. Your favourite tv is a Swedish puppet show meant for kids at least four times your age. Your favourite book is The Gruffalo, which you love even more if we call it The Gobble-goo. Your favourite food is blueberries soaked in maple syrup. You're no fan of sleeping, or resting, or staying still in general, but that's (mostly) okay, because you're really smart and charming and it's so cool to watch the cogs and gears whirr furiously inside that little head of yours.

Happy birthday, dear robot fighter! May the force forever be squarely on your side.

Tester luft

(You know your mum is.)


camilla said...

congratulations, Magnus!
he's our kind of guy!!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday cutie-pie Magnus!

Laini Taylor said...

Aw, giant huge birthday smooch, beautiful one! From Clementine too, of course :-)