Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's safe to look, future girlfriend

Remember this, Magnus? How your little bellly ached from the antibiotics in my milk and your neck ached from the KISS and things were kind of screwy?

Yeah. I agree. This is worse. Eye infections suck! Now, your run of the mill eye infection will be annoying, and itch a little and cause some soreness and go away after a brief treatment, or even on its own. It won't cause you to thrash around in in your sleep because of the pain, nor make you look like Rocky after a particularly nasty encounter with Dolph Lundgreen. So. It looks like we've got ourselves a special one.

Enough with the hospital visits and the searing eyedrops and the swelling and the endless turns for the worse already! Every time we have to hold you down to rinse away the blood and pus, my heart breaks a little. So sorry! And worse is yet to come with surgery next week.

I can't show a current photo of you, cause your future girlfriend might hold it against you. But let's not forget, this is what you really look like.


Li:ne said...

I'm absolutely sure his future girlfriend would love his boxer look. But having that picture out there could of course attract the wrong sort of girlfriend, so I think you are wise to post some cutie-pictures.

And the little man needs to get rid of the horrible eye infection. He deserves nothing but clear vision and peaceful nights.


camilla said...

aaaw, poor baby!
agree with Lin on attracting the wrong kind of girls with the bloody black eye, so good call!

I am so sorry that you are having to go through such an ordeal, Magnus! hope everything gets better soon.
and what's this talk about surgery!??!

tone almhjell said...

Yes, poor, poor baby. He wakes up wailing everytime he rubs his eyes in his sleep. Heartbreaking. They'll have get the stuff out with scalpels unless it's gone by next friday. Come on, antibiotics, do your job!

Qwerty10 Blog said...

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