Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Could be worse

Okay, so I have a cold, the general is still on strike, and the pump and I have a strained relationship. But things could be worse.

I've just danced Magnus to sleep for the first time in months. He's demanding some closeness to make up for the lack of nursing time. Heavy, but very, very nice. I miss him, too.

I'm listening to the radio and my brother, the star, performing live on P3. He's just amazing. <3

Pan might be home early today to give me some sofa time with hankies and tea.

The sun is shining through the branches outside, casting blurred lattice shadows on the softening snow.

Easter is approaching quickly, with sprinkle covered chocolates, all my family around me, spring on the oceanside, possibly the very first nights at Mum's new cabin, and if we get to stop by Almhjell, newborn calves whose ears need to be scratched.


camilla said...

yeah, I'd say things could be worse.

Li:ne said...

I'm a magpie and easter is a sparkling scrap I really, really, really want. It's there somewhere, I know I'll get to it eventually.

Catherine Denton said...

You write so wonderfully. I feel refreshed simply reading your post. You even make having a cold sound beautiful. :)

Inger Merete said...

I want those earrings.

tone almhjell said...

Thank you, Catherine <3. And Inger Merete: I could go for the lashes, imagine what a curler could do!