Sunday, December 13, 2009

2009 Yearbook

Most likely to pick your heart out of your pocket without you even noticing:


It's been almost a year since the kittens showed up in our lives, on Christmas Eve of all nights. I wonder how Gwen is. Is she still as smart? Still as agile? Still as mischievous and charmingly crooked in the face? I thought I had other favourites among the kittens, but it turned out, when the time came to send them off to new homes, the only time I really cried afterwards was when I closed the door behind cheeky, little Gwen, knowing that I would probably never see her again.

Miss you, little rascal!


Catherine Denton said...

She's adorable. I bet she's charmed her new family too.

Li:ne said...

Oh, little Gwen. How important those little marshmallows were in our lives for a while there.
They're all off somewhere now, leading fluffy big marshmallow lives.

Except Balt, of course. He's our marshmallow. So not off somewhere, but definitely getting big.