Sunday, October 25, 2009


It's been a great weekend so far: Coffee with Lin at Påfyll. I was Magnusless, and it was my first time sitting down there for months, since it's not safe to leave the stroller outside on the narrow sidewalk with the tram rumbling by. I even got to sleep in while my Pan and Magnus hung out. When I finally awoke, I snapped the photo above. The kid likes his dad, no doubt about it.

Life as the mother of an infant is much busier and more exhausting than I had imagined, but now that the first weeks of utter chaos are over, it's also really nice. I don't have a lot of time to write, because Magnus doesn't like to sleep during the day, except when we're out walking. So every day we trudge along, criss crossing Grünerløkka, staying withing a fifteen minute distance of the toasty apartment and the boppy pillow in case the food alarm goes off. The low, golden sun that lit up all of September and most of October is gone, but the birch leaves still glow yellow and the noses of the not-so-steady crowd on Olav Ryes now glow red, and the shop windows glow with twinkly lights. We follow the river, stop on the bridges to listen to the waters rushing by. And as we walk, I have time to think about my story, and there have been a snick or two.

Thank goodness none that will require extensive re-writes, but I've made some decisions regarding the Inner Realms that I'm quite pleased with. Fayre and Telthic are now twin cities in Someria, instead of independent states. The league of traditions now has three provinces, Nordia, Grymm and Legendwald, all rooted in Northern European fairy tales instead of a mish mash of traditional tales from around the world. Less clutter, more sense, clearer flavour. Oh, and the name of the realm where Snowchild takes place will be changed. I've not completely made up my mind yet, but I have an idea.

Just need to do some more walking first.


camilla said...

if this were flickr, I'd "fave" this a thousand times over.
if this were facebook, I'd "like" it.
now all I can do is just come out and plain say it:
awesome, wonderful and grogeous entry, Tone.
beautifully written and totally adorable Magnus pic!

Christina said...

That picture made my day. ;)

Heidi said...

That is one cute kiddo.

Li:ne said...

Oh, I love my Tone, my Magnus and that book I can't wait to read more of.

Anonymous said...

river walks while you ponder your story sounds good! colors changing here in northern california, too. enjoy those walks while you (and we) look forward to more snowchild.

Tanja said...


Laini Taylor said...

such a cute picture!!!! Sounds like everything is going great. I wish I had such gorgeous places to walk with Clementine. Our neighborhood is less inspiring, not that it's bad.

also, loved to see *snick* used :-)

smooch to Magnus!!