Monday, September 21, 2009

Little drummer boy

More boppy action. Not so late at night for you, maybe, but for people who begin their day 20 minutes past six, it's waaay past bedtime. And yet Magnus will not calm down - unless his dad holds his hands and helps him play drums with loud music blasting through the room.

It is the curse of every child that his parents expect him to live out dreams that they themselves never got to fulfill. So Magnus, I really hope that one day, you'll be the drummer in an indieband, just like your mom always wanted to be.

I'm sure he'll rebel by singing in a boy choir with his hair slicked to one side.


Heidi said...

Now, Magnus, let your mama sleep! There will be plenty of time to keep the entire neighborhood awake during band practice when you're 16.

Li:ne said...

Ok, so he won't sleep, but that's just because you told him to be a drummer.
Everyone knows the really good ones start early.

Inger Merete said...

I also dreamed about being a drummer. Really. But I suppose we'll have to leave it to the next generation. From what I gather from the Almhjell blogosphere, little man here is sufficiently energetic for the job.

Laini Taylor said...

ha ha ha! Jim totally does the drumming thing with Clementine! It's very cute :-)

Speaking of cute, little man is so adorable!!!


Anonymous said...

HEY! I sang in a choir...and MY hair was slicked to one side. I cannot imagine whats wrong with that. Look at the fantastic being I am today ;)

Love, Kjeld