Friday, July 24, 2009

Just like uncle Eiv

There are signs that Ville will have a thing or two in common with his marvellous uncle Eiv.

This morning, we had to get an extra ultrasound because Ville had refused to turn upside down for the longest time. And if breech is still in the cards after week 36, apparently you need to measure everything to see if normal birth is still possible. Yesterday, I went to see the doctor, and he agreed with what a midwife friend and I both suspected: head up, snug as a bug.

My Pan and I spent the rest of the day reading up on breech and on alternatives. I won't say we were worried sick, but you know. Whole new ball game.

Late last night, I took a bath to relax. After a while, Pan came in and said 'Huh. The bump has shifted. And the spot for the sharp poke, too.' And sure enough, by the time we showed up at the hospital, Ville lay with his head down, innocently, as if he'd been that way for ages and didn't know what the fuss was all about. Why bother going early when there's plenty of time? He had it all under control.

Just like uncle Eiv.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wise guy! I wish you all the best in the weeks to come and will be cheering you on:)


Li:ne said...

Let's just hope he doesn't go for the same tactic when deciding when to come out.

I can easily imagine him announcing he's on the way just before they're about to give you one of those shots to get things going, two weeks after schedule.

camilla said...

mhm, just like pretty much every guy I know too.
except Isak, who, so far, seems to live by the motto "why be on time, when one can be early and surprise everyone"!

the best of luck to you all for the remaining days. not months, Tone, and almost not even weeks anymore!
are you sure you are ready for this?!?!

tone almhjell said...

Well, the crib is ready and made, the house clean and re-organized, the baby clothes are washed and folded, the first diapers are sitting under the sink, waiting to be filled. The lullaby mixtape is already running on the stereo. So in a word: No.

Laini Taylor said...

Oh good good good! I was worried about this too, but Professor turned around right on schedule at 34 weeks. I know when it happened, because I felt a little crampy and breathless and the bump totally shifted so there wasn't pressure high up anymore. Funny. So glad Ville is cooperating :-)

I just posted a wonderful quote on my blog: "Life is a rich a steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or hatch." We too have things all ready, diapers and blankets waiting, etc etc, but does that mean we're "ready"? Ha! It's still hard to believe. Any minute now . . .

Kisses to Ville :-)