Friday, February 6, 2009

That's my girls!

I said earlier that the kittens didn't fit their names, well, in terms of being much like the characters they were named for. I have to take it back. They've grown more alike them with each passing day. Here's an update on these three darlings:

Gwen is no longer timid and scared, but full of sass and ninja courage. She sneaks along the floor and is the first to try any challenge and she throws the biggest of the boys to the floor. Easily. Just like Gwen would.

Mirja grows prettier and prettier and was the first to learn how to wash. In fact, she is so convincing in her role that I've decided to change Mirja in the book from a beautiful softpaw to a beautiful petling. A pretty white cat, of course.

Little Balthasar never was very wrong for his part, except for the fact that he is healthy and strong, unlike his poor namesake. Thank god! He plays with the girls, under the firm leadership of Gwen, of course, and is so beautiful that it's almost too much. That, at least, is quite as it should be.

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Christina said...

How adorable! I just want to gobble them up.