Monday, June 2, 2008

Oslo overdoes it

28 degrees, and counting.

Oslo, come on! I get that it's a nice break from being freezing and grey, but do you really have to pile it on like this? I mean, it's supposed to get hotter and hotter all week. Going to California and Fiji will be a nice, cool break.

It is, I admit, lovely to doze in the shade of some trees, with an ice latte or ice cream. But our apartment faces south, has huge windows and it's like an oven. And I don't even have thick, white fur.

Poor Pimsika hides under the bed and blames me ferociously. Her eyes just scream 'Stupid manny'!

Speaking of which: I've finished Blackbringer, and Laini, I'm floored.

I thought I might be able to keep up, but you sped ahead with the vanishing of the little village (Sleepers there were none! Such music!), and then with Magpie's first visit to the Moonlit Gardens, you were suddenly a speck on the horizon. I love your world and I love your story threads and I love your love story. You arrange scenes and currents just to my taste (Kipepeo. Yes, that's epic), and I cried at the end.

Something to reach for!


Li:ne said...

Overdid it, overdoes it and keeps on overdoing it.

Makes me long for those frozen thorns in the last post, actually. I could use a couple of them in my drink.

tone almhjell said...


Kenji said...

Hot her å... hehe Av prinsipp skriver jeg på NORGE!! Har dere det bra i stekeovnen???? Stakkar Pims, sett han i kjølebag;)

camilla said...

frosted thornquiri.
sign me up!